New Installs Of Hardwood

Niagara Hardwood Flooring is a business built on a solid foundation of experience, service and exceptional hardwood flooring products.

New installs of hardwood

There are as many choices of new hardwood flooring as there are trees in the forest. Red oak or white oak flooring, maple or walnut flooring, finished or unfinished hardwood, thick grade or thin grades with multiple widths, engineered or fully natural – there are endless possibilities. The type of hardwood flooring you choose depends wholly on the look you want to achieve. The quality of installation you receive, however, depends on the reputation of the company you choose to complete the project. There’s nobody better than Joe Carter and Dave Mathewson, the hardwood flooring professionals at Niagara Hardwood Flooring.

For both residential and commercial hardwood flooring installations, Niagara Hardwood Flooring is the name to trust. The professional hardwood flooring installers at Niagara Hardwood Flooring have worked with virtually all types of hardwood flooring products – from solid and engineered planks to wide planks of various woods. Whether you need hardwood flooring installed over existing concrete and/or plywood, our installers have the experience to ensure your flooring is installed to exacting specifications. Most installations can be completed in a minimum time period to keep disruptions to your schedule to a minimum.

When it comes time to install your flooring, the experts at Niagara Hardwood Flooring will ensure your get presented will all the options available so you can make an informed choice. Some of your possible installation options include:

  • Nailing – wood strips are installed using a nail gun and a mallet to ensure proper alignment
  • Gluing – glue is primarily used for parquet and engineered flooring; adhesive is applied to fix the hardwood onto the subfloor
  • Stapling – using the correct staples and a pneumatic gun the installer will attach the hardwood to the subflooring
  • Floating – in this method hardwood floors are installed over a pad placed between the subfloor and wood floor

Another consideration when installing new unfinished hardwood flooring is the colour of stain or finish you want to complete your desired look. Niagara Hardwood Flooring experts can educate you on the choices and kinds of stain available.


Speak to Joe and Dave at Niagara Hardwood Flooring to determine the best plan for your hardwood flooring refinishing project.